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Strong Gens

“Changing Futures, Lifting Voices”

Our dream to make a difference and build a stronger generation was only born in Feb 2020/ not even a year old, so we are new kids on the block and on a mission to make things happen...and they are!!

Our first dream to give kids the chance of an education has been one hell of a journey but we have started with the building of the first school. We have moved mountains for this to happen. With your help we can give more children the future they deserve”.

Here at HEXXEE we want to make a difference in any way we can by sharing the same values as us and supporting initiatives to help make a difference, just like Strong Gens who empower and support children in times of crisis and conflict.

In Q2, we sent out a care package of over 500 misprinted socks that we cannot use ourselves, so we gifted them to Children in refugee camps over in Greece. We want to try and make an impact wherever possible, and we’re a big believer that a small gesture can go a long way.

We were overwhelmed by the response we had back from StrongGens and they even made a little video to say thank you which shows these children with smiles on their faces. That was the goal from day one. So to help put smiles back on the faces of young children in times of need is extremely satisfying for all of us at HEXXEE HQ.

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Gifting to Homeless Shelters

At HEXXEE HQ we make to order (MTO). That means every single sock that is purchased from you wonderful lot gets made up the following day and sent out. By doing this we hand press every single sock using a sublimation process. We do this for many reasons but because we sublimate there is naturally human error which creates misprinted socks which we cannot sell.

We set an extremely high standard on the press so naturally, anything that is marginally wrong goes into the misprint box. Then at the end of each month, the box is taped up and distributed to the nearest homeless shelter or food bank so rough sleepers have multiple pairs of socks to help keep themselves warm during the winter months. If only you saw their faces when we turned up with a 20kg box of socks! It’s one I'll remember for a long long time.

Most companies would throw misprints out into waste and disassociate themselves with faulty products; however, we’re the opposite. Sh*t happens. We’re all human. We make mistakes. So what better way than making something out of nothing and helping others wherever possible. This is just the start. We intend on doing more and more things to give back to the community so watch this space!

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